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LOFT London Farm Tower

London, 2011

Population growth and urban centralization lead to increased demand for real estate market and for food.

One possible solution is vertical farming.

AWR therefore proposes the design of a new kind of skyscraper on the Thames waterfront, inserted into the new city skyline.

Vertical Farming: architecture and nature working together.

In the year 2000, Dickson Despommier (Professor of Environmental Science at Columbia University in New York) developed the concept of vertical farms, in collaboration with various architectural firms. Vertical urban farming means the cultivation of agriculture products and livestock in multi-storey tower structures, inserted within metropolitan areas.

The benefits offered by this technology are:

        continuous, non-seasonal supply of agricultural products

        safeguarded agricultural production against the damage caused by natural disasters such as droughts, floods.

        reconstruction of a balanced ecosystem, through the reduction of cultivated land.

        reduction of CO2 emissions, by eliminating the use of pollutants machineries such as tractors and vehicles for the transport of goods for long distances.

        reduction of water consumption

        decreased cost of food products

        social benefits such as creating new job opportunities and education for the community.


The goals to achieve are:

        meet the requirements of the World Green Building Council

        determine which materials are best suited for the construction of a vertical farm

        identify resistant, light, transparent and long-term materials

        experiment with innovative materials


The competition requires the design of a vertical farm with a residential use.

In the city there is still a strong demand for housing and for public functions in downtown areas where the presence of public transportation makes the site extremely strategic.


The city offers the chance to build a real vertical village, which may include a public plaza, shopping areas, restaurants and residences. Londoners welcome these macro-structures that allow them to experience the city as well as possible. At the same time this project allows people to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. 


AWR will give you a chance to confront these issues and problems into LOFT 2011.

Arch. Alessandra Capanna    Jury president  

Alessandra Capanna is an Italian architect living and working in Rome. She has taken her degree in Architecture at University of Rome "La Sapienza", from which she also received her Ph. D, discussing a thesis entitled "Strutture Matematiche della Composizione", concerning the logical paradigms in music and in architecture. She is the author of Le Corbusier. Padiglione Philips, Bruxelles (Universale di Architettura 2000), on the correspondence between the geometry of hyperbolic paraboloids and technical and acoustic needs, and its final and aesthetics consequences. Among her published articles on mathematical principles both in music and in architecture are "Una struttura matematica della composizione", remarking the idea of self-similarity in composition; "Musica e Architettura. Tra ispirazione e metodo", about three architectures by Steven Holl, Peter Cook and Daniel Libeskind; and "Iannis Xenakis. Combinazioni compositive senza limiti". She is teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome "La Sapienza". She has taken part to several international Conferences and is corresponding editor of Nexus Network Journal.


Arch. Rosalba Belibani

PhD in Architectural Composition and Theory of Architecture, she is a researcher and lecturer in Architectural Design in Rome, at the Faculty of Architecture "Ludovico Quaroni". Expert in information and communication technologies (ICT) as applied to architectural design and urban planning and teaching, dealing with research projects of national interest and European-related e-learning and project development. Care heading "Architecture and Multimedia" magazine's "Metamorphoses". Since 1998, the year of its establishment is responsible for operating the LaMA_Laboratorio Multimedia Architecture, now the structure of the diary-Department of Architecture, where he carried out research in the field of multimedia and e-learning. audio digital video filming, editing and post production for a digital archive of works of architecture.


Arch. Lucio Eleuteri

 Lucio Eleuteri is an Italian Architect living and working in Rome. He has taken his degree  in Architecture in 1977 at the Sapienza University of Rome. He collaborated in the Lembo firm, taking part in projects of Design, Urban Planning and  Interior Design, working with public and private clients.

Actually He works in the "Pubblica  Amministrazione" at the "Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare", he  is a member of the Committee for the implementation of the project MO.SE of Venice, and he is a consultant to the T.A.R. (Regione Lazio) about the environment.

Arch. Francesca Castelli

Francesca Romana Castelli received her degree at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome La Sapienza in 1990. She worked as a free lancer from 1990 to 2004 in the field of architectural and urban planning. Her work mainly consisted in urban recovery and renewal projects, both for private and public clients. In Rome she followed the project of Piazza Càstano at Tor Bella Monaca. Since 2004 she has worked in the DiAP (Department of  Architecture and Project)  as responsible for  QART, Laboratory for the Study of Contemporary Rome. She took part in the drafting of the Carta della qualità della città contemporanea (Chart of  Quality for the Contemporary Town) within the framework of the sector studies of the new PRG (Town Development Plan). She has conducted a number of researches from a historical, critical and planning perspective and she published a number of essays and organised different exhibitions and conferences. Among her publications: the researches on Mausoleo delle Fosse Ardeatine and contributions to the book  Roma. La nuova architettura. Since 1991 she has worked as associate professor and as tutor in the five-year Degree course UE, in Degree and Phd seminars in Architecture – Tehories and Projects.

Arch. Loris Rossi

Graduated in architecture in 2004 at the Sapienza University of Rome, Ludovico Quaroni. He was awarded a PhD in Composition and Theory of Architecture, deepening part of his research at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at UCLA in Los Angeles, Tutor Prof. Jason Payne.

Actually adjunct professor in typological, quinquennial specialist degree course in architecture EU. Since 2005 he is co-founder of the Ungroup firm based in Rome, under which draws national and international competitions some of which are awarded and exhibited in various international exhibitions.


Arch. Maria Luigia Micalella

Graduated in architecture in 2008 at the Sapienza University of Rome, Ludovico Quaroni.

In 2009 she completed the International master degree in “Complex Project's Management ” at “La Sapienza”in Rome and at Ecole de Architecture La Villettein Paris.

Carries out both academic life by winning a Ph.D. In Architecture Teory and Design, in Rome in 2010 and architectural design,working for two years at the Ungroup firm where she  entered national and internetional contests.


First Prize

First: VAWA

Team: SJA203.4


Insung Son
Jaejin Lee
Younseok Hwang
Soohyun Suh


South Korea

Second Prize

SECOND: Vertical Fields

Team: RHWL Architects


Victoria Hamilton

Kimberley Stott

Andrei Jipa

Lilia Obletsova



Third Prize

THIRD: Cultivated Carousel

Team: BGKS


Jason Buts

Christina Galati

Akshita Sivakumar


United States


First Mention

Nature Reclaims Everything

Team: Studio Synthesis + Red Machine


James Roberto Bowers Futscher

Abelardo Gutierrez Gonzalez

Susan Prado Agee




Second Mention

Breathing Vertical Farm

Team: K2P


Park Cheol Gu

Kang Young

Kim Hyeong Uk

Park Jee Won


South Korea

Third Mention

London City Farm

Team: Ax3


Hugo Fonseca Loureiro

Darion Arash Ebrahimzadeh

Liam Azordegan


United Kingdom

Fourth Mention

Vertical + Horizontal Farm

Team: K ITD DesignLab


Kevin Chu



Fifth Mention

London's Farm Tower

Team: Tape


Luis Monteiro Ferreira

Diana Ramos

Jo Sanches



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