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architecture Competitions

LOFT London Farm Tower


London, 2011 Population growth and urban centralization lead to increased demand for real estate market and for food. One possible solution is vertical farming. AWR therefore proposes the design of a new kind of skyscraper on the Thames waterfront, inserted into the new city skyline. Vertical Farming: architecture and nature working together. In the year 2000, Dickson Despommier (Profess...

Life Saving - First Step Against Disaster


Earthquakes and the events generated consequently to them, like the tsunami, are the major causes of loss of human lives. In recent years there have been ten devastating tsunami that caused between 300.000 and 400.000 victims. Tsunami are large, powerful waves caused by sudden displacement of large quantities of water in the sea / ocean. Common causes for the displacement of large quantities of...

HOf - Horizontal Farm New Delhi

Win Hof1

The British had assumed control of Delhi in 1803. The then-existing city of about 125 thousand had been founded by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1639 and, over the years, the population of the Indian capital, after independence, has grown beyond the 13 million units. New Delhi had continued to lure British tourists, who found it far more attractive than Indian districts in the colonial metropolis. The ...

MOBILIciTY - Tirana Multimodal Station


The project for the new Intermodal Train Station in Tirana intends to meet the requirement for an overall renewal of the city, in terms of comprehensive revision of the rail and road mobility. The new pole is intended to become the hub of exchanges and therefore to have the ability of connecting both the urban areas and the areas outside the city, in compatibility with the existing railway netw...

Tianjin International Airport


China is rapidly becoming a very sought-after tourist destination and the government is investing in the construction of new airports to open up all regions of the country and to improve both communications and trade. Currently there are over 40 airports at various stages of construction and in a few years when these are complete China will have several airports able to compete as major hubs in...

Vision 20|20


Il concorso, aperto agli studenti e ai laureati in Architettura o Design da non più di cinque anni, ha raccorto numerose adesionida diverse scuole di tutta Italia.Tutti i progetti consegnati sono stati attentamente valutati durante la riunione della giuria che si è tenuta il giorno 27 Maggio2013 nella sede del Palazzo Tassoni a Ferrara durante la quale sono stati designati i proge...



The Borneo Sporenburg development is purely a residential area having an urban character with lack of local shops andfacilities which may lead to increased car dependency and subsequent parking problems. However, the Amsterdam’s centreis only a 15 minutes bike ride distance. Problems, Issues and Thoughts: The development of Borneo Sporenburg was a complicated and difficult process. Ther...

Natural City


Founded in the 13th century, Berlin has had an eventful history. Excavations from 2008 suggest that the city may be even older than was previously assumed: state archaeologists have discovered an oakbeam that probably dates back to 1183. Almost no other metropolis has experienced such frequent, radical change transforming the face of the city. Although Berlin saw steady growth in its importance...



The Esposizione Universale di Roma (better known by its acronym, EUR) was commissioned by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in the 1930s to showcase architecture that portrayed his fascist ideologies. Today, it is a thriving commercial suburb. The creation of the EUR was a huge, 1930s urban regeneration project, spearheaded by Mussolini, Italy’s controversial prime minister andself-titled...

CPH Modern Library


Apart from being the national capital, Copenhagen also serves as the cultural hub of Denmark and wider Scandinavia. Since the late 1990s, it has undergone a transformation from a modest Scandinavian capital into a metropolitan city of international appeal in the same league as Barcelona and Amsterdam.The City of Copenhagen offers you 20 libraries - a main library and 19 branch libraries - locat...



"The High Line, in collaboration with field operations, is a new 1.5-mile long public park built on an abandoned elevated railroad stretching from the meatpacking district to the hudson rail yards in manhattan.Inspired by the melancholic, unruly beauty of this postindustrial ruin, where nature has reclaimed a once vital piece of urban infrastructure, the new park interprets its inheritance.It t...

Barcelona Temporary Pavilion


Site area is located inside of Port Vell. Port Vell is a waterfront harbor in Barcelona and part of the Port of Barcelona. It was built as part of an urban renewal program prior to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Before this, it was a run-down area of empty warehouses, railroad yards, and factories. Now it is a focal point of the city and tourists attraction, containing the Maremàgnum ...

London Nursery School


Each child in England at the first school term after their third birthday, is entitled to 15 hours per week free childcare funding. Nursery schools and classes staffed by teachers and assistants, provide a non-compulsory phase of education suitable for children in the year before they immediately go to primary schools. They are sometimes attached to a primary school. Both types intend to provid...



In the 2000 Dickson Despommier, professor of the Environmental Sciences at the Columbia University in New York, developed in collaboration with various architectural firms, the concept of vertical farms.The urban vertical farming means the cultivation of agriculture products and live stock in vertical, in multi-storey structures energy self-sufficient inserted within the metropolitan areas. Th...


sf win 1

AWR Competitions proposes the design of a new building inside the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco House of Music. The project wants to become an important link between the past and the present of the city.This new space, in addition to the Opera in the War Memorial Opera House, will be a place where new trends of classical and contemporary music will perform. The building will be a place where ...


PRC w1

AWR Competition proposes the design of a new temporary church in the evocative site of Preikestolen better known as the Pulpit Rock, Norway. Design a place of worship requires a careful study of the theme. In these magnificent places, which have always inspired the minds of architects and engineers in every age, nothing is left to chance. Any material or the choice of the type of the light insi...



AWRcompetitions proposes the design of a new skyscraper inside the Near North Side, Chicago. Chicago is the city where some of the first skyscrapers were built, but since a few years, the city is tryingto make a change in favor of the environment.One of the goal is to avoid the Urban Heat Island Effect. The city of Chicago was forced to consider this option after a heat wave in 1995 claimed a...



GENTLE INVASION Competition will be one of the several events of theTIRANA ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2018 this September.The aim of Tirana Architecture Week 2018 is to promote international knowledge linked to practice and research activities, starting from the Albanian context and reaching out to the international scene.The challenge of this edition is to address the issue of co-habitation, exploring ...


1st prize           1.500 
2nd prize 1.000 €
3th prize 500 

 + 5 honorable mentions

The winning projects will be awarded during the TAW in one of the most evocative places of the city of Tirana, the Cloud installation design by Sou Fujimoto. 

Winners project will be published on the architectural review FORUM A+P architecture, POLIS Press, and, if possible, on different scientific magazines and on several architecture blogs and websites, national and international. Winners and Honorable mentions will be published on the Website
Awards are intended for teams, regardless if the participation is by individuals or groups. The prize includes bank or paypal commissions.For all other information please see “General Rules” and “Terms of Use” sections on the Website